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Our blog is about life's experiences, both enjoying the ups and coping with the downs. Life is beautiful, and even though it can be hard at times, we can get through it. In middle school, I literally drew the character trait of RESILIENCE out of a hat for a project. Little did I know then how much I would come to rely on being resilient.

Staying positive and being strong can help with anything.

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''Living Life the Jadeley Way"

Published: Saturday, 2/22/2020

''Becoming a POTS-ie Parent: The Journey of our Child's Chronic Illness Diagnosis"

Published: Wednesday, 2/26/2020

''5 Life Lessons Being a Restaurant Manager Taught Me"

Published: Saturday, 2/29/2020

''Don't Stress... You're Only a Young Woman Going Bald!"

Published: Wednesday, 3/4/2020

''People Are Dying! A Suicidal Discussion"

Published: Saturday, 3/7/2020

''Drawing Resilience Out of a Hat: How an Assignment in 8th Grade Affected the Rest of my Life"

Published: Wednesdayday, 3/11/2020

''How to Work from Home, Especially When Being Forced To"

Published: Saturday, 3/14/2020

''What a Difference A Week Makes!
How less than 7 days changed our world as we know it… what’s next?"

Published: Wednesday, 3/18/2020

''The Struggle of Being an Optimist in Today's Trying Times"

Published: Saturday, 3/21/2020

''Why Did it Take a Deadly Virus to Make You Realize You Need to Change Your Life?"

Published: Wednesday, 3/25/2020

''Remember: You. Are. Resilient."

Published: Saturday, 4/4/2020


''Loved Ones Losing Loved Ones During Pandemic Life"

Published: Tuesday, 5/26/2020


''Unbelievable: A poem to Dr. King, Dr. Angelou, Mr. Obama and Mom "

Published: Tuesday, 6/9/2020


''Tips to Help a Grieving Griever: What to say and do to help someone you know who's lost someone they love. "

Published: Saturday, 8/30/2020

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