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Jadeley Living was inspired by our incredible daughter, Jade. Her outlook on life which focuses on the beauty and positivity in the world should be shared with others.


Founded in 2018 from the desire to help people, even though we know that life can be hard, it is still a beautiful gift that must go on.


My name is Kelley J. Cochran, and my background is Hospitality Management, Interior Design, and Executive Admin/Operations Management.

Basically, I love beautiful spaces and smiles on people's faces!


Even after breaking my back in 2010, losing my dad in 2015, losing all of my hair in 2016, and our daughter being diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2019, I have focused on staying positive and being resilient, knowing that life is too short and too beautiful to think otherwise.


I want to share this passion and perspective with others! 

Let us help you beautify your life!
Whether it's planning an event, decorating your home, maintaining your plants, providing office "EA-For-A-Day" services, or resume redesign, we can help! Check out our blog for additional, inspirational insights.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help enhance your life's beauty. Hugs! 

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